D & T

Design and Technology provides a unique focus on creativity, innovation and the successful realisation of ideas. Students will investigate the importance of the “design process” and the implementation of emerging technologies, project management, and communication skills. During the completion of high quality design projects, students are provided with the opportunity to develop design, management, production and manufacturing skills in a safe working environment. 


  • Year 7/8   Metalwork/Woodwork
  • Year 9/10 Woodwork
  • Year 9/10 Metalwork
  • Year 11/12 Design And Technology – Wood
  • Year 11/12 Design and Technology – Metal

Home Economics offers intensive courses for those passionate to develop new skills and practices related to independent living in society for today’s world. We provide practical learning experiences for the production of nutritious cuisine and also enhancing the ability to cater for functions. Students develop the key skills of independence, responsibility, cooperation and understanding within all our courses. 


  • Year 7/8 Home Economics
  • Year 9/10 Creative Cooking