Primary Learning Areas


The staff at KDHS are dedicated to providing our students with a quality literacy program that allows them to develop high functioning literacy skills. Our Kindergarten to Year 2 students engage in an intensive phonics program which allows them to develop the building blocks for strong literacy skills. Our K-2 students are also immersed in a comprehensive oral language program which gives students the opportunity to transfer their knowledge of speaking into reading and writing. Students from Years 3 to 6 are involved in a whole school literacy program which is aimed at developing an enjoyment of reading, writing, viewing and presenting their ideas to others. We actively promote literacy within our school; we have an annual Rainbow Festival which celebrates literacy and culture and we have numerous quality literacy based incursions. Our students from Years 3-6 also participate in the annual Mid-West Spelling Bee held in Geraldton.


At KDHS we are dedicated to providing our students with a high quality Numeracy Program. Our Kindy to Year 2 students are heavily involved in hands-on Maths activities including the use of Technology and Coding to develop the building blocks needed for effective numeracy skills. Our students from Year 3 to 6 are engaged in a combination of explicit teaching, problem solving and the use of technology to assist in the transfer Maths concepts into real-word problems. Primary Maths lessons include games and mental Maths activities to build number fluency. Mathematics is promoted through the school through its connection to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) and high quality numeracy based incursions. 


Student health and wellbeing is always a focus at Kalbarri District High School. Our Primary Health Program draws on elements of both physical and mental and emotional health. Physical Health focuses on concepts like healthy diet, exercise and healthy lifestyles. Mental and Emotional Health focuses on concepts such as building resilience, mindfulness, bullying and building connections. Our students from Years K-5 participate in the Crunch and Sip Program that promotes the importance of healthy eating habits. KDHS is a PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) School and promotes teaching students positive behaviours. 


The aim of the Science curriculum is to provide students with a solid foundation in Science knowledge, understanding, skills and values. The curriculum will also provide opportunities to foster an interest in Science and a curiosity to speculate, question and explore the world. At Kalbarri DHS we utilise Primary Connections as our core resource to deliver hands-on motivational Science lessons. From 2018 our primary students will be actively involved in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) learning activities. STEM activities are designed so that students use elements from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as well as other curriculum areas to work collaboratively to solve real world problems. In 2018 students from Year 3 to Year 6 will have the curriculum delivered by a Specialist Science Teacher.

Physical Education

At Kalbarri DHS all students from Pre Primary to Year 6 participate in 80 minutes of Physical Education with a specialist teacher. These lessons are designed to develop gross motor skills in our students, develop skills and an understanding of a variety of sports and develop skills for a healthy lifestyle. Our students from Years 4-6 participate in another 80 minute sport session on Friday afternoons.

Our school has two factions that compete in a school swimming and athletics carnival. Students from Years P-3 participate in a fun beach swimming carnival in term 1. In March every year our students from Year 4-12 are bussed to the Geraldton Aquarena Leisure Centre to compete in our annual Faction Swimming Carnival. 

In term 3 our students from Pre Primary to Year 12 participate in our Faction Athletics Carnival. Early in term three our whole school heads to the Kalbarri foreshore to compete in our Cross Country events. Late in term 3 our students are heavily involved in a three-day athletics carnival.

Our primary school joins with the NCVISSA Sporting Association; which combines small schools within our district for the purpose of interschool carnivals. 

Following is our interschool carnival schedule:

  • Term 1- l Swimming Carnival
  • Term 2- Winter Carnival (AFL, Netball and Soccer)
  • Term 3- Cross Country Run, Athletics Carnival
  • Term 4- Summer Carnival (Cricket, T-Ball and Basketball)


In the Western Australian Curriculum Technologies is broken into two distinct but related subjects:

  • Design and Technologies, in which students use design thinking and technologies to generate and produce solutions for authentic needs and opportunities
  • Digital Technologies, in which students use computational thinking and information systems to define, design and implement solutions. 

Kalbarri District High School runs an after-school Coding/Robotics Club for students who have a passion in this area.

Our Primary Students have access to 55 laptops computers, 35 desktop computers and 40 iPads.


In 2018 students from Year 3 to Year 8 receive 80 minutes of Indonesian Language instruction from a Specialist Indonesian Teacher.

Humanities and Social Sciences

In the Western Australian Curriculum, the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area comprises four subjects: Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography and History.

By studying Humanities and Social Sciences, students will develop the ability to question; think critically; make decisions based on evidence; devise proposals for actions; and communicate effectively.

Kindergarten Pre Primary

The critical importance of the early years of a child’s life to their future educational success is well known. We want every young child to have the best start to school, and to master the foundation literacy and numeracy skills, as well as the personal and social capabilities, required for later years of schooling.

At Kalbarri District High School we offer:

  • A tailored and personalised approach to teaching and supporting students
  • Curriculum for students expanded through programs across schools and online
  • More services for children during compulsory years of schooling
  • Clear expectations about teaching, assessment and reporting rigor, particularly in       Kindergarten and Pre-primary
  • Extended school services including education, health and parenting

Early Childhood Education

Young children have a natural curiosity about their physical, social and technological world. Kalbarri District High School’s Early Childhood Curriculum supports and extends the student’s social-emotional, physical, cognitive, language and creative development. Our programs and learning experiences integrate the Western Australian Curriculum, Early Years Learning Framework, Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and the National Quality Standards. The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary environments are designed to cater for the differing levels of abilities and skills that the children in the classroom possess.  This is achieved through discovery learning, focusing on the use of manipulative materials that encourage children to interpret and investigate the world around them. Play is an important mode of learning within the early childhood years. Learning opportunities to achieve the outcomes are structured to enable a balance between child initiated and teacher directed learning experiences.


The Primary Arts Curriculum will be delivered by classroom teachers and integrated into other curriculum areas in 2018 at Kalbarri District High School.