Overview -Primary Year 1 – 6

Junior Primary (Year 1 – 3)

In Years 1-3 there is a more formalised approach to learning. Use of concrete materials continues to be an integral part of classroom programs.

Our commitment to academic excellence, a strong physical education and social skills program enables each child to achieve their full potential. We believe that the ability to read and write and socialise within the school and the wider community is critical in establishing a foundation for success.

Skills are explicitly taught across the learning areas. The achievement of Numeracy and Literacy outcomes are a particular emphasis in these years.

Kalbarri’s Early Childhood curriculum recognises that children are at varying stages of development.  The curriculum promotes inclusivity; accommodating students’ culture, race, gender, learning styles, prior life experiences and background knowledge.

Learning opportunities encourage children to reflect on their behaviours, values, language and social practices. Strong relationships fostered within the school and wider community enhance and assist the wide variety of programs that are in place in the early years of schooling.

Upper Primary (Year 4 – Year 6)

In this phase of learning Literacy and Numeracy continues to be a focus.

The achievement of critical literacy and numeracy outcomes are a particular emphasis in these years where skills are explicitly taught across the learning areas. In exploring their world, students pose focused questions and carry out investigations in which they form predictions and hypotheses and test and reflect on their findings. They are explicitly taught higher order thinking skills to solve real life problems. They are challenged to reach their full potential.

Students in this phase begin to see themselves as part of the wider community. They are interested in studying people and places. Students are actively engaged in opportunities to demonstrate active citizenship and interact with the world at large. Particular attention is given to environmental and social issues.

Students have a commitment to excellence and are offered a diverse range of opportunities across the broad curriculum to cater for all students’ strengths and interests. The students are asked to challenge themselves and demonstrate ownership of their learning by setting goals, practising and persevering to learn new skills.

Kalbarri District High School fosters a co-operative and collaborative environment. Students are encouraged to work together. Group planning and decision making skills are explicitly taught and students are given responsibility for managing and organizing tasks within a supportive environment.

There is a strong emphasis on the teaching of values and social skills to support the students.