Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a supportive environment for students to develop relevant skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that maximise individual potential in a global society.

Priority Areas


At Kalbarri District High School (KDHS) we are committed to providing an environment that promotes leadership throughout our staff.  This distributed leadership model allows staff to take on leadership roles in areas that they are passionate about within our school. We believe that a high functioning organisation draws on employees’ strengths to maintain high standards. School leaders at KDHS seek and act upon feedback from staff, students and parents to provide for a responsive organisation.

Success For All Students

At Kalbarri District High School we have high expectations of success for every student in the school. We differentiate student learning to meet the needs of all students and provide opportunities for students to succeed by building on their strengths. We engage them with personalised programs and use technology to prepare them for the learning, social and employment opportunities of the future.

High Quality Teaching

At Kalbarri District High School we are committed to providing a high quality learning environment. We have high expectations of all members of our school community in the undertaking and delivery of quality teaching and learning experiences. We aim to develop a strong culture of success and high achievement in all our classes and throughout the school community.