Our Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure that our students leave school well prepared for their future; and have opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their individual potential and play an active part in civic and economic life. 

The Overarching Learning Outcomes and the values of the Curriculum Framework describe what students should know, understand, value and be able to do to succeed in today’s world. The design of educational programs underpinned by our beliefs about teaching and learning as set out in the Principles of Learning, Teaching and Assessment will give all students the opportunity to realise their potential.

Our School Beliefs

Our school provides a safe, caring environment that encourages positive growth and development for all students.

We value the principles of Positive Behaviour Support, choosing to model Responsibility, Respect and Care throughout the school.

A vast array of opportunities are provided for students from K – 12 to cater to their individual educational needs.

Students’ academic and social skills are nurtured to enable them to contribute effectively in the wider community and in their post educational life

Children learn best when they are engaged in a stimulating interactive learning environment, where there are hands on activities in an uninterrupted, relaxed environment.

Children learn in an environment that has clear expectations, defined boundaries and at a developmentally appropriate level.

Learning experiences should respect and accommodate differences between learners.

All children learn best when the learning experiences are meaningful, relevant and background knowledge is considered and valued.