Kindergarten/Pre Primary

The critical importance of the early years of a child’s life to their future educational success is well known. We want every young child to have the best start to school, and to master the foundation literacy and numeracy skills, as well as the personal and social capabilities, required for later years of schooling.

  • At Kalbarri District High School we offer:
  • More tailored and personalised approach to teaching and supporting students
  • Curriculum for students expanded through programs across schools and online
  • More services for children during compulsory years of schooling
  • Clear expectations about teaching, assessment and reporting rigour, particularly in Kindergarten and Pre-primary
  • Extended school services including education, health and parenting

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Early Childhood Education

Young children have a natural curiosity about their physical, social and technological world.

Kalbarri District High School’s Early Childhood Curriculum supports and extends the student’s social-emotional, physical, cognitive, language and creative development.

Our programs and learning experiences integrate the Australian Curriculum and West Australia’s Curriculum Framework.

The Kindergarten and Pre-Primary environments are designed to cater for the differing levels of abilities and skills that the children in the classroom possess.  This is achieved through discovery learning, focusing on the use of manipulative materials that encourage children to interpret and investigate the world around them.

Play is an important mode of learning within the early childhood years.

Learning opportunities to achieve the outcomes are structured to enable a balance between child initiated and teacher directed learning experiences.