Welcome to Term 4

As I write this news I have just returned from a walk into a couple of classes. Can you remember when you learnt about the 24hr clock? Mrs Tennant’s class was working on this topic today and students were very clever at converting between 12 hour and 24 hour clock, using the hints and Maths to do the conversions. 

Down in the 2/3 class the students were enthusiastically responding to Mrs Porter’s Indonesian. Their lesson while I was there was revision on the Indonesian words for days of the week. They greeted me as I walked in with “Selamat Pagi Bu Goodwin “. 

Moving on to the Year 1 class students were learning about shapes and were problem solving what the shape would look like if it was flipped, slid or turned. Very clever Sam showed the class that if you turn a rectangle on its end it will look like this. 

Next Monday Mr Budeselik will return to the school to do some follow up work on writing and poetry with selected classes. Mr Budeselik was here a few months ago and it is great that he is able to return for a quick visit. So often our incursions, alt hough valuable, are one-off events.

Carol Goodwin