Social Media and Communication

Social Media

There has been some recent issues across the school, with images and videos that are being posted on social media causing problems in the school. We are trying to get a cyber safety presentation from Community Policing for our student and parents. These sessions will help students understand the impacts that social media can cause and how to keep themselves safe whilst on-line. We will begin posting some infographics on our Facebook Page to help parents with understanding popular apps, games and tips for on-line safety. Parents can also visit for more information. 

Containers for Change

The P&C has an gr oup ID at the Container s for Change collection point near the laundromat. All you need to do is drop off your eligible recyclable containers and donate the proceeds to the Kalbarri School P&C Canteen ID. C10329563. 

Kindy Transitions 

The Kindy transitions will be occurring on 3rd of December for parents at 1:30pm. This session will aim to answer any questions that parents may have and to provide information about the learning program that will be taking place in the Kindy classroom. On the 7th December the 2021 Kindy students have a chance to come in and enjoy a morning in the classroom. 

Bushranger’s Camp

Some of our Year 8 and 9 students will be heading to Geraldton Camp School next week for Bushranger’s Camp. They will be participating in a range of outdoor recreational activities which will contribute to their confidence, self-esteem, motivation and self-discipline. We will keep the community updated through our Facebook page of their daily activities. 

Summer carnival

Good luck to all our students fr om Year 3 to 6 who ar e par ticipating in cr icket, t -ball and basketball against students from Northampton DHS, Chapman Valley PS, Binnu PS, St Mary’s Northampton and Yuna PS. I am positive that their sportsmanship and participation in the different sports will be outstanding. 

2021 Contributions and Charges

2021 Contributions and Charges will be coming out on 30th November after the next School Council meeting, which is being held on the 27th November. To help with our financial management, we would prefer that payments for 2021 are not made until next year. 

Michael Ostaszewskyj