Principal message end of Term 4

Years PP-5 

Primary staff have indicated that, for this year, they still would like to meet with parents and hand them their child’s reports in the last week of school. 

So your child’ s report will be available for pickup from class teachers from Monday afternoon. 

If, however you would like your report emailed please let us know. If you are unable to pick up the report in person your report will be emailed. 

Years 6-10 

Your reports will be emailed. If you wish your report to be printed so that you can collect it from the office, please let us know by Monday morning (10 December) 

Last week Tanika and Jasmyn had a very valuable excursion to the Year 9 ASPIRE Camp. They learnt a lot and the experience gave them an opportunity to think about their future options. Thank you to Mr Nguyen for volunteering to be their supervisor. 


From time to time fridges that are surplus to individual home needs are donated to the school for students to keep their lunch cool. When these fridges break down and stop working or are tripping our power supply, we dispose of them to the tip. 

As the cleaning of the fridges is not in the duty statement of our cleaners, teachers or support staff, parents volunteer to clean them. The fridges in the primary areas are used fairly regularly. Secondary students don’t seem to want to use a fridge for its intended purpose. 

Anything that is donated or bought for the school by parents, P&C or community becomes the property of the school and by default, the Department of Education. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you to end of 2018 Presentation Night on Wednesday, 12 December starting at 5.30pm. 

Carol Goodwin