Value Equity and Accept Individuality…


This fortnight’s PBS expectation is Value Equity and Accept Individuality. It has caused a little bit of discussion. It relates to equality and equity and the difference between them. We are often heard to say that we have to treat out kids equally. 

Equality and equity are quite different at school, at home and in the workforce. Equality is treating everyone the same. Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful. Simplistically equality in schools is giving every child the opportunity of an education. Equity may involve them using different strategies, simpler or more difficult tasks, access to an education assistant for help or a program through SIDE that no one else is doing. At home all members of the family need to be fed nourishing meals. Equality in the home is making sure all children are nourished. Older children can chew and digest a big assortment of food. Equity is ensuring that the food the baby receives is in a form appropriate for that age group. It also means that the child with the egg allergy is still nourished although scrambled eggs are off the menu. We need to demonstrate both equity and equality to produce fairness as every person has different needs. 

I love this example. 

Source: Out Front Minnesota 

Each child is of a different height. We can’t change that. In order to insure that every child has access to the baseball game, we can provide them with boxes to stand on. 

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Carol Goodwin 

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