Mathletics Report T1W5

Wow! What a week in the world of Mathletics. Twenty-five champion efforts seen across the range of primary classrooms. Yr 1: Jesse McK (silver). Yr 2: Paua B., Claire C., Kai F., Ruby L., Jessy M., Clain P., Billy B., Clayton S. (Champion of the Week), Lucas S., Ky F., Taj M. Yr 3: Dylan McK., Yr 4: Sienna L. (silver) Yr 5: Erica B., Corey A. (silver), Cohen F. (silver), Darci S., Elise B., Tom B. (silver), Sam L., Malek D., Alexis B., and Emily L.

World Maths Day is March 7. Many classes are preparing their students to challenge 4 million students around the world in a competition of 20 sets of mathematical operations. Good luck guys.