Year 2 and 3

Year 2 and 3 Suggested Websites and Activities


Switcheroo Zoo – Watch, listen and games to learn all about amazing animals.

ABC YA – Practice math and reading skills all while playing fun games.

Fun Brain – – play games while practicing maths and reading skills.

Star Fall –  Have some of your favourite stories read to you by movie stars.

Highlights Kids – Read, play games and conduct cool science experiments.

Nat Geo for Kids – Learn all about geography and fascinating animals.

Forest Phonics – A spelling game using spelling patterns.

Oxford Owl – A range of English and Maths for all ages.

Deep Space Sparkle –  Offers art lessons and resource that will help you teach art to kids.

Story Time From Space –  Storybooks read by astronauts in space.

Scholastic – resources across all learning areas

Some suggested activities 

(These can be done at least once a week. Some like maths and reading should be done 4/5 times a week)

Get outside and Move

Create obstacle courses, practice kicking balls, shooting hoops, skipping, hopping, throwing and catching.



Go outside plant some seeds, weed, talk about how plants grow. Take photos of different types of leaves, insects or items youfind in the garden.

Write a book review

Read a book and write/type/tell/ voice record a book review. Include main characters, how it made you feel, likes/dislikes,similarities or differences to other books, give it a star rating.

Labelled Diagrams

Do a scientific drawing of an animal include labels and accurate descriptions and features of the animal, plant or experiment.

Read books

Talk about the main characters, their feelings, events from the book. Change a character or event in the story and re-write orretell.

Maths games

Practice reading, writing and saying numbers, times tables, addition and subtraction problems, skip counting.


Playing cards, board games and puzzles

Teach them card games, play board games. Do a puzzle together.


Cook favourite meals together, write down the steps to create a recipe or recipe books.



Hide something in your house and draw a map, along with directions on how to get there. See if someone can follow your directions.