Learning at Home

The Home Learning Guides have been organised in phases of development, Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary. Individual children will undoubtedly have differing needs and abilities, and we encourage you to choose activities which are within your child’s ability. The materials are intended to be for revision purpose and to maintain engagement in education, not to cause anxiety, or require in-depth explanation or preparation.

It is not expected or compulsory that these materials be completed, we want above all the focus to be upon you, your families and children, your welfare and wellbeing.

Learning at Home Ideas – ECE (Kindergarten and Pre Primary)

Learning at Home Guide – Primary

Learning at Home Guide – Secondary

The Department of Education has developed a Learning at Home website which contains resources, information and activities for students learning in the home setting. The materials are organised by year level. The website can be accessed with the following link https://www.education.wa.edu.au/learning-at-home