Adventure playground grand opening

WOW! Our students are having a great time in the new Adventure Playground, which went up amazingly quickly and was available for play on Monday. 

We will have an official “Grand Opening”. Although we will have been using the playground for a couple of weeks, the “Grand Opening” is an opportunity to celebrate and thank the P & C and volunteers who were involved in bringing the concept to fruition. The “Grand Opening” will take place at 12.30 on June 13. Officiating will be Mr Greg Thorne, Regional Education Director of Midwest. Mr Thorne has a scheduled visit to the school on that day and is honoured to be asked to perform the official opening. 

Everyone is invited to the opening. 

As always, we invite parents to contact teachers regarding their child’s progress. Reports will be available during the last week of term from June 25, but if you want to discuss progress earlier than that, please make an appointment to talk to your teachers. 

Enjoy this long weekend and be sure to get yourselves to the foreshore for Cray and Canoe celebrations. Keep an eye open for sculptures conveying messages of environmental issues, that have been completed by our art students under Ms Probert’s guidance. 

Carol Goodwin